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2021 - 2022


WAIO is an all-encompassing retail platform built to optimize cannabis dispensary operations while heavily focusing on the e-commerce shopping experience of cannabis products.

My Role

I was contracted as a Product Designer to create wireframes and mockups and work with developers on implementing the designs.

What was asked?

Retail Customer

To design a mobile-first shopping experience for cannabis products, that can be white-labeled to any brand, with a focus on communicating the perks of being a loyalty member. 

Retail Management

To design a dashboard for managing cannabis products, creating inventory reports that coincide with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) standards, and ability to generate store menu screens fluidly from the backend database.

A minimal on-the-go shopping experience

Through my user research, I’ve discovered there was a need for a minimal shopping experience for customers on the go. This meant communicating just the necessary information, specifications, together with a strong visual of the product. Users typically come for a specific product or something new to be recommended.

At a later point of the project, I had to sacrifice some minimalism in order to educate users on a loyalty program that offers user discounts. This is a necessity for the development and nature of the cannabis retail business in Ontario. I have solved this by steadily and fluidly educating the user about the loyalty program throughout their shopping user flow. Furthermore, onboarding the user to the loyalty program during checkout for instant rewards.  

Transforming the desktop experience 

While most users are shopping on mobile it was important to bring that same shopping experience to desktop. I’ve done this by making sure that the checkout process looks almost identical to the mobile experience and placed on the side of the store page. From purchase transaction data this proved to also increase the user’s cart value 1.7x resulting in higher revenue for the cannabis store.


The retail backend dashboard was designed with all the key metrics required for monthly reporting to the AGCO. The user can easily navigate and filter data by specific timelines allowing for easier reporting. The entire retail backend dashboard was designed to be easily managed through a mobile phone for employees that are directly on the floor.

Project Development

This project is still in development and is currently being implemented. Continuous design changes are being implemented as more user feedback develops.